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History of Parbhani, Maharashtra: There are many evidences suggesting the existence of civilization at Parbhani on the banks of River Godavari since the times of Mahabharata. It is said that Sage Agasthya set up his ashram on the banks of this river after crossing the Vindhya Mountain, after which many other sages followed suit. Many settlements in the district corroborate this viewpoint and can be traced to these times - Mudgal village where Sage Mudgal performed penance, Valur (today known as Selu) where Sage Valmiki lived and the town of Pathri (earlier Parthapur) established by Arjun alias Partha, one of the five Pandavas.

Parbhani district was a part of Nizams regime. The region of Hingoli along with Parbhani was actually known as the Nizams military base as it was bordered with Vidharbha. In that era military troops, hospitals, veterinary hospital were in operation from Hingoli. Residents had experienced two big wars between Tipu Sultan and Marathas in 1803 and in 1857 between Nagpurkars and Bhonsles. Being a military base the city was one of the important and famous places of the Hyderabad State.

In the 1956, post independence when the state were reconstructed Marathwada was attached to Mumbai State and in 1960 Hingoli became part of the Maharashtra State as part of Parbhani district. Later on 1st may 1999 Hingoli district came in to existence by division of Parbhani.

Being under the Nizam rule, the district did not celebrate its freedom when the rest of India became independent in 1947. On September 13, 1948, thirteen months after independence, the Indian Police force took action against the Nizam of Hyderabad. Hyderabad State was merged with independent India and Parbhani became a part of free India.
Parbhani was divided on 1st May 1999 to form the new district of Hingoli.

Mauryan Empire, Satavahana, Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas, Vakatakas, Sultan of Delhi, Bahmani Sultanate, Nizam Shahi sultanate, Mughals, Nagpurkars, Bhonsles, Nizams, Marathas and British.

Parbhani is famous for its Hindu and Jain temples.

Saint Janabai, Ahilya Bai, Saint Namdeo, Bhaskarbhatt, Shri Vinayakrao Charthankar , Swami Ramanand Teerth, Shri Annasaheb Gavhane, Azam Shah, Parasoji Bhonsle, Shahuji, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Parashuram Pratinidhi, Raghuji Karande, Shri Babasaheb Maharaj, Saint Ramajipant, Kanhoji, Fatehsingh Bhonsle, Peshwa Balaji, Baburav Konher Kolhatkar (Mujamdar), Rakhmaji Ganesh Chitnavis, Trimbakji Raje Bhonsle, Nizam Ali, etc.

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