Laling Fort, Dhule

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Laling Fort, Dhule: Situated 6 miles away in south, from Dhule city is the Laling Fort (Laling Qila). It s an old and ruined fort occupying the top of the hill. It is a place of considerable antiquity and the fort is supposed to have been built duringtheregion of Malik Raja Faruqi, which subsequently granted to his eldest son. It was in this fort that, Nasir Khan and his son Miran Adil Khan were besieged in 1437 by the Bhanrani general till they were relieved by an army advancing from Gujarat. Also, there are two temples of Hemadpanthi styles and are also in very much frayed condition.

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jai ho laling ... added by   dip4shirud on Jul 3 2013
Give me geology of lading & there flow.... added by   Vasundhara on Feb 14 2013
Plz tell me how to visit.... added by   Kalpesh Patil on Jun 20 2012
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