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Dahanu has many temples that are known to be the oldest and powerful. The magical myths and legends draw worshippers of every God to these shrines to beg forgiveness and solution to every conceivable problem. Some of the prominent temples are-
Mahalaxmi Temple - The main temple is at the mountain nearby about 3-4 km. Mahalaxmi is the kuldaivata (patron God of a Hindu household) of tribals, so during the festivity period, the tribals arrange taarpa dance for their revelry. Every year a festival is held called Mahalaxmi Yatra for 15 days starting from Hanuman Jayanti. The administrative role is played by the trustee board Satvi Parivar, playing a significant role.
Hanuman Temple - The Hanuman Temple at Dahanu is said to have been built 285 years ago at the entry point of the Fort during Shivaji s time by Ranaji Shinde. Just opposite the tiny temple stands a flag post with a temple-flag hoisted atop as a landmark signifying the existence of a temple in the vicinity. The flag is represented by a sun and moon. Under the Monkey-God s left foot lies a crouched Shani (evil) fearing Hanuman s power and wrath upon it.
Ganesh Maruti Temple - One tree, known to be the biggest landmark in the area, homes one temple of two Gods. While the statue of Lord Ganesh has been placed there, a tiny rock emerging from the earth surrounding the tree is Lord Maruti.
Datta Temple-
The temple has pictures and statues of every God in its premises. Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Shiva, Ram, Radhakrishna are all worshipped here. A large gathering comes together during the month of Dattaji s birthday.
Gaon Devi Temple - This temple houses a little rock that protrudes from the earth; the fisher folk of the village believe the rock to be their protector. In the past 50 years the God has been growing in size, believe the villagers. The God is bathed and dressed everyday and offered all three meals.
Mallikarjun Temple - This temple is believed to be the residence of Sitla Devi, people from across religions and regions come to the Sitla Devi temple to pray for relief from skin diseases and infections like small-pox, measles, etc.
Dadavadi Temple - Dadavadi temple of Jain Kushal Suri Maharasahb Guru Dev at Dahanu is surrounded by myths and legends of his miracles fills the shrine with melodious voices of his devotees during poojas and aartis. On the first floor sits one more Jain God, Vasu Pujya Bhagwan, making it a temple of six Gods and a saint.
Ganesh Temple -
The temple depicts the entire myth and legend of Lord Ganesha s powers through the murals on each pillar. The temple displays 19 forms of Lord Ganesh. 108 diyas (earthen oil lamps) are burned on special occasions.
Chedoba Temple - Legend has it that the temple protects the Dahanu Fort since it is build inside. Since a prison now lies inside the fort s premises, it is also believed that the families of the accused pray for their pardon and release; their prayers often being answered.
Gajanan Temple - This temple houses a total of 21 Gods which are worshipped daily. The statue is bathed and cleansed every day along with chantings made 108 times a day. The belief is that one comes to cleanse themselves through pranayam and introspection.
Siddeshwar Temple -
This temple houses the various names of all the 16 village temples in order of their addresses are mentioned on the board.
Swadhyay Prarthna Temple - This temple new compared to other temples in Dahanu. It was built 30 years ago; it was inspired by Shri Param Pujya Panduram Shashtri Athaole to help the drunken fisher folk of Dhumket village. His belief was, "God is not in a picture or an idol. God is inside you. By abusing yourself, you are abusing God".
Chandra Prabhu Jain Temple - The Chandra Prabhu Jain Temple was built 103 years ago and is considered to be the second oldest of the 16 temples. As one enters the temple, the idols of five Gods is very prominent of which the centre - Chandra Parbhu - is believed to be the eight Tirthankara (one who has achieved nirvana). Immediately by his side lie the idols of Adinath Rishab Dev, the first Tirthankara and Shantinath Bhagwan.

Alongside are the Shankeshwar Parasnath and Munniswarath Swami temples. Chandra Prabhu, who is the Mul Nayak (main God) of this temple, comes with his two trusted aides - Jwala Malini Devi and Vijay Yashak - also present on the ground floor.
Mallinath Jain Temple - The Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple is the largest temple located in the area of Prabha Devi near Dahanu. This popular temple is dedicated to Adinath as it follows the traditions of Jainism.
Santoshi Mata Temple -
This temple is dedicated to goddess Santoshi who is worshipped to fulfill each ones wishes after fasting for a specific period of weeks. Female devotees throng this temple in hundreds.

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Dear Sir,Madam, pl. send me dahanu mahalaxmi mandir address and famous place information ... added by   jitendra kerkar on Oct 16 2012
Hi, I'm looking for postal address for Dahanu Mahalakshmi temple. Please can any help in this?? I need to send some gift to the temple. PLease email me at arjunm003@gmail.com... added by   Arjun on Feb 27 2012
Hi, I'm looking for postal address for Dahanu Mahalakshmi temple. Please can any help in this?? I need to send some gift to the temple. PLease email me at arjunm003@gmail.com... added by   Arjun on Feb 27 2012
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