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Located on the Mumbai-Goa highway in the district of Ratnagiri is the attractive town of Chiplun. Guhagar resting to the west of the city, Chiplun is situated in the Konkan region and is sandwiched in a valley between the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other.

The name Chiplun is derived from the mythological pages which mean "The abode of Lord Parashuram".

Gowalkot Fort, Parashuram Temple, Sawatsada Water Falls, Walavalkar Shivaji Museum, Marleshwar Temple, Nehru Smriti Udayan, Koyna Dam, Karanjeshwari Temple, Vashishti River, etc are the important attractions.

Chiplun is an ancient town on the banks of the Vashishti River in the Konkan region of Ratnagiri district in coastal Maharashtra. Chiplun is considered the link between the western coast and the interiors of Maharashtra.
An important industrial centre in the Konkan region, Chiplun town is a popular lunch-stop for those driving from Mumbai to Goa. As a standalone destination, it is ideal for a weekend getaway and is increasingly being sought by those looking for a quiet sojourn. This tiny hamlet of Chiplun is probably one of your best options between the highly crowded Goa and forever-rushing Mumbai. There are no prominent attractions as one can cover it in an entire day. But what you do have here are endless vistas, stretching for miles and miles. The place offers a few picturesque sights and a few temples and forts. The rains bring out the best here, when the entire landscape turns a cool shade of green as the Vashishti River swells up. Add to the panoramas plenty of good food and odd knick-knacks, which make your short interlude here really special.

The climate of the district though moist is generally healthy. The rainfall is plentiful and regular. The year may be divided into four seasons, the summer season from March to May, the south-west monsoon season from June to September, the post-monsoon season from October to November and the winter season from December to February.
The attractive city of Chiplun is still worth a visit if you want to relax. Boating on the Vashishti River and traveling in the hills around Chiplun are some of the activities which one can take when on a trip to this tourist destination.

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