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Satara is located in the western part of Maharashtra. The whole of Satara district falls within the Deccan area. It is bounded by Pune district to the north, Solapur district to the east, Sangli district to the south and Ratnagiri district to the west. Raigad district lies to its north-west.

Satara derives its name from the seven (sat) hills (tara) surrounding the town.

Forts at Satara, Kalubai Mandhar Devi Temple, Gopalnath Maharaj Temple, Sevagiri Maharaj Samadhi Temple, Ram Temple, Shikhar Shingnapur Temple, Siddhanath Temple, Yamai Devi Temple, Yawateshwar Temple, Koteshwar Temple, Masjid of Karad, Ganapati Temple, Mayani Bird Sanctuary, Konya Wildlife Sanctuary & Dam, Char Bhinti Hutatma Smarak, Natraj Temple, Sangam Mahuli, Thoseghar Water Fall, Kas Talav, Krishnabai Temple, Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum, Bhavani Museum, Bhavani Temple, Wai Ganapati Temple, Peer Saheb Dargah, etc.

Satara is one of the oldest cities of Maharashtra situated at the feet of the Sahyadri range. The city is also a district headquarter which is known to be an ancient center of cultural heritage with several mythological, historical, cultural and even political references. Eminent historians, well-known authors, poets and great political leaders made this city famous from time to time. It is also famous as two great rivers namely the Krishna and Veena originated from Mahabaleshwar meet together at Kshetra Mahuli. The confluence at Mahuli has several stories reminiscence ancient History. This city is ornate with nature's blessings, a calm and quiet place not only for peaceful living but also for doing great devotional works for mankind.
Satara is a traveler's delight with charming scenic beauty. The beautiful lakes as well as cascading waterfalls make the place a truly preferred destination. Nature tours in Satara are an essential part of tourism in Satara. The entire area is the abode of ancient temples with stone sculptures. Tourism in Satara is incomplete without a visit to the shops of the town. Numerous shops dot the place and tourists can enjoy shopping and buy things as their souvenir of the place.

Pune is located 110 kms from Satara.

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