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Ahmednagar Maharashtra: Ahmednagar is located in the state of Maharashtra about 120 km northeast of Pune. Situated on the west bank of the Sina River, it is the largest predominantly agricultural district in the state. Ahmednagar is divided into three physical divisions as Western Hilly Region, Central Plateau Region and the region of northern and southern plains.

The city of Ahmednagar was founded in 1490 by Ahmed Nizam Shah Bahri after whom it's been named.

Chand Bibi Palace, Ahmednagar Fort, Goddess Durga Temple, Vishal Ganapati Temple, Salabat Khan's Tomb, Kot Bagh Tomb, Aurangzeb's Tomb, Bagh Rauza, Fazia Bagh Palace, St. John's Church, Anand Dham, Ahmednagar Historical Museum  etc.

Ahmednagar is considered as the largest in the state of Maharashtra. The city of Ahmednagar has a history of 500 years and many heritage areas for tourists to see. Named after the founder of the town, called Ahmed Nizam Shah Bahri, the city has also been the spiritual centre of Western India with many spiritually enlightened souls like Dyaneshwar, Sai Baba, Sant Tukaram and Meher Baba hailing from here. Ahmednagar has now emerged as one of the leading industrial district in Automobiles, Electronics, Heavy Industries and Agriculture Equipment. The small scale industries includes industries where grains are separated from their husks, gathering of medicinal plants, bidi rolling, jaggery making etc. The Sugar Co-operative movement started in Ahmednagar and is the one of the biggest industry here.

Ahmednagar is a major stopover in your journey while moving towards Shirdi. One can visit this holy place easily. It is a well-developed town connected by bus routes, railway and airport. Strategic central location makes it one of the strongest trading cities especially in Agriculture produce.

Pune is 120 kms.


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