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Samadhi of Bhagwan Baba, Beed: Located at Bhagwan Gadh is the well known Samadhi of ascetic saint Bhagwan Baba, who studied Dayashwari and used its knowledge for the welfare of common people.  He delivered sermons and kirtanas to make people well balanced throughout his life. Bhimsingh Baba was his disciple who worked after Bhagwan Baba. 

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we proud to be vangri... added by   Nilesh Rakh on Jun 3 2014
I always hear the Bhagwan baba 1 part Kirtan and really cannot express in words how I feel and also its good where in keeps our Mind stable JAI BHAGWAN ... added by   SONAJIRAO RAKH on Feb 26 2013
Very very great saint in Maharashtra 'VANJARI SAMAJ'... added by   Deepak Sangle on Sep 23 2012
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