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Mandu - 454010
Phone No :- 07292-263270

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I am looking for a double room for 2 adults + 1 child ( 18 yrs) arriving on the 9thNovember evening and moving out on the 10th afternoon 1:00 pm. ... added by   ramakrishnan iyer on Oct 11 2013
hello, I'm calling to reserve a room, a single NO A/C, dated 20 November 24 what is the price including all taxes ... added by   dubernet marie on Sep 23 2013
Plz send me tariff for 2 nights , On 31aug & check out on 2 Sep 2013 Also send Room options & booking process... added by   vivek on Aug 25 2013
Is a double room for two persons airconditioning not essential between Sept 2 and 4, 2013. If so what are your charges, terms and at which site can I make the booking ?... added by   Gopal Dutia on Aug 22 2013
hi,can i book room for 3 days & 2 nights from 16 aug 2013 to 18 aug 2013. ... added by   sachin chaudhary on Aug 12 2013
we need some details we required dinner on 14th and lunch on 15th August of 35 person. pls confirm... added by   Shilpa Jain on Aug 5 2013
Dear sir, we would like to know if you have two rooms avalaible from 11 to 13 august for two adults and a 14 years old child,and could you send us tariff best regards Mme Azoulay... added by   azoulay charpentier on Jul 12 2013
please send me tariff for 11 and 12 october 2013.... added by   bishwarup on Feb 9 2013
pls send teriff for 31st dec to 2nd jan... added by   Aasif Khan on Dec 29 2012
hi.will u send terrif rates for 27 th Dec.night.for non a/c 3 rooms with best price.Thanks.... added by   shailesh mulay on Dec 17 2012
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