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Rani Roopamati Mahal is a beautiful palace reminding the true love story of Rani Rupamati and Prince Baz Bahadur. This Palace is though in ruins but still an interesting site visited by thousands of travelers from all over the world. It bears a perfect romantic structure which manages to attract the visitors with its fantastic architecture. Rani Roopmati Pavilion is built near the edge of the fort on the banks of the Rewa Kund. It was originally built as an army observation post. From its hilltop perch, this graceful structure with its two pavilions was a retreat of the lovely queen, from where she could see Baz Bahadur's palace and the Narmada flowing through the Nimar plains far below. Its construction has Afghan style of architecture. They are square in plan at the base and are crowned with hemispherical domes fluted both outside and inside. Times of sunset or full moon light are actually the best time to enjoy the romantic beauty of this site to enjoy the romantic beauty of the site. There is also an Echo Point at a walking distance from the Pavilions. A shout from this place reverberates and can be clearly heard, back in a few seconds. This scenic place gets this name from the natural echo phenomenon here.

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