Hotel Siddharth, Khajuraho

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Hotel Siddharth comes under a category of 3,2,1 star hotels

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Opposite Western Group Of Temples
Khajuraho - 471606
Phone No :- 07686-274627,9425813527

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I have two rooms booked (one double, one single) for Feb. 21 and Feb. 22. I would like you to know that we won't be arriving until the early morning of Feb. 22nd, on the train from Varanasi. We booked the rooms for Feb. 21 so that we can move into the rooms as soon as we reach the hotel. Please hold our rooms for "late arrival" early on the morning of Feb. 22nd. Thank you. Our names are Gard Otis, Lisbeth Sider, and Rejeanne Cool ... added by   Gard Otis on Jan 12 2018
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