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Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh: Hoshangabad is a city municipality and district in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh state, India. The city is the administrative center of Hoshangabad District with 8 tehsils and 7 development blocks. This city lies in the central Narmada Valley and on the northern fringe of the Satpura Plateau.

Hoshangabad is located between coordinates 22°45′N 77°43′E. In shape, it is an irregular strip elongated along the southern banks of river Narmada. Its greatest length from south-east to north-east is 160 km.

The city of Hoshangabad is bounded by the districts of Raisen to the north side, Betul to the south side, Harda to the west side, Narsinghpur to the east side, Chhindwara to the southeast side and Sehore to the northwest side. Narmada and the Tawa are the main rivers of this district, which join each other at the village Bandra Bhan. Other small rivers are the Dudhi and the Denwa.

Hoshangabad was named after Sultan Hoshang Shah, second of the Ghori sultans of Malwa, who ruled from Mandu in the early 15th century. The city was earlier called Narmadapur after the river Narmada, however, later the name was changed to Hoshangabad.

The economy of Hoshangabad largely depends on agriculture. The land is quite fertile and farmers have good canal irrigation facilities from the Tawa reservoir throughout the year. The farmers employ crop rotation technique for better yields of crops. The major crops grown are Soyabeen and Wheat.

There is only one industrial establishment, the Security Papers Mill Hoshangabad, a unit of Printing and Minting Corporation of India Ltd. The other main businesses of the place include delivering of sand and tiles which come from river Narmada.

According to the Census India-2011, the population of Hoshangabad town is estimated to be 117,956; of which males are 61,610 and females are 56,346, respectively. The sex ratio of the town is 915 per 1000 males.

The average literacy rate of Hoshangabad city is 87.97 percent of which male literacy was 93.22 and female 82.26 percent.

The nearest big town to Hoshangabad is Bhopal, at a distance of about 70 km.

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