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Damoh, renowned for Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary and Rani Durgawati Sanctuary, is a city in the Sagar division of northeast Madhya Pradesh, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Damoh district.

Geographically the city of Damoh lies between 23.50' North latitude and 79.26' East longitude and is perched at an elevation of 1271 feet above sea level. It occupies an area of 7,306 Sq.Km. In Damoh, there are 7 tehsils and 1,952 villages. The city is 260 Km east of state capital Bhopal and Tikamgarh lies to its north.

The city Damoh got its name from the name of Rani Damyanti, wife of Raja Nal of Narvar.

Damoh is largely inhabited by tribal groups like the Gonds, Lodhis, Karpetis and other communities like the Dalits, Rajputs, Kurmis, Thakurs and Marwaris. Dalits of this region do not posses much land therefore they earn their living as labour on the fields. Usually, Dalits are mainly involved in the tanning of leather and in manual scavenging. But with time opportunities are slowly opening up which will help them to achieve a level of occupational mobility.

The economy of Damoh mainly depends on agriculture.  On the south and east of the city there are hills and patches of jungles. The city also consists of open planes of varying degrees of fertility, interspersed with low ranges and isolated heights. The high fertility tracts lie in the centre.  A number of betel leaf gardens are located around Damoh, and these betel leaves are exported. The city also has a considerable Cattle market.

A number of small scale industries based on oilseed milling, handloom weaving and dyeing, the manufacture of bell-metal vessels and pottery are also found in Damoh. Besides this large cement plant, ‘Diamond Cements’ is also situated in the Narsingarh village of Damoh.

Today, the district is also known for its sanctuaries like Nauradehi Sanctuary in Tendukheda block and Rani Durgawati Sanctuary in Jabera block.

The nearest big towns to Damoh are Bhopal (260 Km) and Jabalpur (106 Km).

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