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MGS Kalari Sangam is a martial arts and massage training academy. Dineshan Gurukul is the current Kalari Master who has been an expert in this field for the last 35 years.

The center has 8 martial art training centers, one massage and treatment centre. The center has also exhibited its talent for the History Channel, Spanish Documentary and many more. It has a number of foreign and Indians students.

Kalari massage is believed to blend the body, mind and spirit. It helps the biological system of the body, enhances the blood circulation and activates the muscles thus rejuvenating the mind and body.The massages are given in combination with Yoga that also helps in curing diseases. There are different types of massages given based on individual s body and need.

KalariPattu is the marital art division. Kalari means Gymnasium or School, Payattu means Excise and Fight. There are different stages through which the trainee undergoes his training. Every Kalari Fighter is given Uzhichil or massages using Medicinal Oils.

Kalaripayattu is also used for treatments in the modern days as it is associated with Ayurveda and it specializes in curing ailments like back pain and Spondylitis. The treatments and massages are both for beauty treatments and for body rejuvenation and energy. They also have a range of products that helps in curing many ailments.

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i am a kaiari boy ilove kalari it is intresting .... added by   prayag sankar on Aug 4 2013
i am a kaiari boy ilove kalari it is intresting .... added by   prayag sankar on Aug 4 2013
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