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Vatanappally is located in the Thrissur district of Kerala. Its geographical coordinates are 10°28′0″N 76°5′0″E. The village is bounded by the Arabian Sea and Periyar River.

Thrissur district is situated in midland regions of Kerala covering an extended part of Palakkad plains. It is located on a hillock, which allows rain water to automatically drain out of the city. Major part of city is covered by Archaean rocks. Thrissur lies near the center of the Indian tectonic plate (the Indian Plate) and is less prone to volcanoes.

Thrissur district shares its borders with Arabian Sea in the west, Palakkad district and Tamilnadu in the east, Malappuram in the South and Ernakulum district in the North. The rivers that irrigate the district are Periyar River, Chalakudy River, Karuvannur River, Kurumali River (main tributary of the Karuvannur river) and Ponnani River (Bharatha Puzha). They originate from the Eastern Mountain, and flow towards the west into the Arabian Sea.

Vatanappally was originally known as Vatanappilly. Over a period of time the name was wrongly spelt and lost its original name.

Vadanappilly (also known as Vatanappally / Vadanapally / Vadanappilly / Vadanapilly ) is a small village in Thrissur district of Kerala.

Vatanappally was ancient trade center of Thrissur. With the development of Thrissur the village also started developed commercially and technically. Now it is more of a suburb of Thrissur city.

Vatanappally is a very traditional looking village with numerous green coconut trees and small houses. Coconut farming and making coir products are the main occupation of the local residents.

Vatanappally Orphanage
The Vatanappally Orphanage is a charitable center for orphan children and was established in 1977 along with the Islamiya College for Orphans.

Religious education (Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies) and education is provided to the children. The school also teaches professional crafts to children such as tailoring, embroidery and other technical courses to enable the children to be able to take up a career in future. The center has a good staff and the orphanage can accommodate up to 500 boys and girls. A number of children are brought here every year from different parts of the state. The main source of finance for the center is donations and funds from Islamic Charitable Organizations. The center can be contacted at:

Vatanappally Orphanage Committee, Vatanappally,
Tel: +91 487 260 2268, 2600294

Thrissur is the nearest big town near Kodungallur which is about 20 km away. Thrissur is the district headquarters and is one of the most well developed cities of Kerala.

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