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Kozhikode is a beautiful city, which is located close to the Arabian Sea on the south west coast of Kerala. It is situated in the northern zone of the state of kerala in india. The city of Kozhikode is the head-quarters of Kozhikode district which is surrounded by Kannur district on the north, Wayanad district on the east, Malappuram district on the south and Arabian Sea on the west respectively.

Formerly, known as Calicut, the district area of Kozhikode topographically has three distinct regions - the sandy, the rocky highlands formed by the hilly portion of the Western Ghats and lateritic midland.

There have been quite a few beliefs floating about the origin of Kozhikode:

1.  According to Prof. K.V. Krishna Ayyer, the name of Kozhikode has been derived from ‘Koyil’ (Palace) + ‘Kota’ (Fort), meaning Fortified Palace. The place was also referred to as Chullikkad, meaning ‘shrubby jungle’, probably referring to the marshy nature of the land that the area possesses.

2. Linguistically, it’s believed that ‘ya’ and ‘zha’ are interchangeable in Malayalam, and ‘Kode’ stands for fort (kotta). The Arabs called it Qāliqūț (Kozhikode was earlier known as Calicut), Tamils called the city ‘Kallikkottai’, for the Chinese it was ‘Kalifo’ and all the while, it has been Kozhikode for the Keralites.

3. The word Calicut means "Hen of Truth", which is believed that is an anglicized version of the Persian.  It is believed that the fine varieties of hand woven clothes are originated in Kozhikode; 'Calico' is the other name which was given to Calicut.

Kozhikode (Calicut) is a city precisely located by the long coastline of the legendary Malabar coastal region in the state of Kerala. Kozhikode town serves as the third largest city in Kerala and is also the headquarters of Kozhikode district, which once served as the capital of an erstwhile independent kingdom and later of the one-time Malabar District.

Kozhikode town is known to be the third largest urban agglomeration and one of the most charming cities in Kerala. The Kozhikode district came into existence on the 1st of January 1957, originally consisting of five taluks, namely- Vadakara, Koyilandy, Kozhikode, Ernad  & Tirur. With the formation of Malappuram district on 1st June 1969 & Wayanad on 1st November 1980, Kozhikode district now consist of one revenue division, three taluks, twelve blocks, 78 panchayats and 117 villages.

Over the years, Kozhikode has transformed into an important trade centre of spices and silk in South India. The city is a melting-pot of diverse cultures with new swanky shopping centers, multiplexes, concrete buildings and educational institutions everywhere. From a tourist point of view it offers plenty to see and capture especially the natural parks and the trekking opportunities along with the various water falls and water dams which provide a nature experience that cannot be experienced any where else.

Kozhikode in India has a great harbor of beautiful natural beaches, backwater plateau, rivers, historical monuments and coastlines. Kozhikode is the "Land of Kalarippayattu" (a martial art form) and it was discovered by Arab princes. It is a city with which made of ancient temples, nature's delights - blue seas, heritage homes, cascading waterfalls.  The city of Kozhikode also has beautiful gardens, a musical fountain, and quaint areas like Sweet Meat Street, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary and the famous Mananchira Square.

Spending 4-5 days in Kozhikode is a must to understand the unexpected wonders that the place has to offer you. Today, the unique culture, warmth and friendly ambience make Calicut (Kozhikode) a popular destination to explore.

Coimbatore at 170 km and Kochi at 180 km are the nearest big towns to Kozhikode.

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