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Sharada Devi Temple Sringeri : The Sharada Temple (or Sharadamba temple), also renowned as Sringeri Math, is the most prominent spot in Sringeri. The presiding deity of Sringeri, Sri Saradamba, is revered as the embodiment of Goddess Saraswati. The temple is associated with the Sringeri Mutt. Goddess Sarada is seated on the "Sri Yantra", carrying the rosary, vessel and book in three hands with the fourth hand held in a gesture of protection. There are two smaller idols, the utsava murthis, one in silver and the other in bronze.

The temple was established in 7th century by Sri Adi Shankaracharya which is dedicated to Goddess Sharada, also associated as Goddess of learning. The Sharadamba temple is over 700 years old and was built at almost the same time as the Sharada Mutt. The temple since then has undergone several renovations and the present renovated temple is in the south Indian (Dravidian) architectural style.

Earlier the original deity was of sandal wood and was later replaced with the stone idol. The grace of the Goddess Sarada is of the Supreme Absolute. Magnificent in alankara of matchless beauty with Her pleated sari, her glowing diamond nose-ring and the divine smile, it is the sight to behold. It surely illuminates the soul within. At the time of closing the temple at night, the Utsavamurti is taken in a procession around the sanctum, in a silver chariot. This grand ceremony is a real treat to one s eyes and soul that is not to be missed.

Besides the Sharadamba temple, thousands of devotees also visit the Malayala Brahma Temple and the Adi Shankar Temple in the same premises.

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