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Located about 15km from Sirsi at Sonda, the Sonda Mutts comprises of two main Mutts namely - the Shri Vadiraja Mutt and the Swarnavalli Mutt. Swarnavalli Mutt was founded in Dashashwamedhaghat at Kashi, and later shifted to Ujjaini, Gokarna, Kadtoke, Sahasra linga and the present Swarnavalli, respectively. It is one of the two Mutts within the Havyaka Brahmin Community (the other is Ramachandrapura Math). The Mutt has 16 Seemas (Areas) as a gift from the Swadi Maharaja.
Shri Vadiraja Mutt is named after the great saint- Shri Vadiraja Thirtha, who contributed a lot to "Vyasa Sahithya" and "Dasa Sahithya", exhibited extra-ordinary divine powers to bless devotees on many occasions and significantly strengthened the philosophy and traditions established by Shri Madhavacharya.

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