Kalhatti Falls, Kemmangundi

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Kalhatti falls, Kemmangundi: Another captivating and beautiful place when you are in Kemmangundi is the Kalhatti Falls, also known as "Kallathigiri falls" and "Kalahasthi falls". The Kalhatti falls gushes down from a height of 122 metres and is a treat to the adventure lovers. Kalhatti falls is also religiously famous as there is an ancient temple built between gaps in the rocks. These small rock temples, assumed to be built in the period of Vijayanagar Empire, are really an amazing sight to behold. According to many locals and folk legends, the famous Hindu saint Agasthya is associated to this place.

Kalahasti falls is renowned as a religious destination for Muslims as well as Hindus. Annually, this place attracts many devotees. This fall makes a nice place to spend time and relax a while.

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