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Davangere City has historical background, as this village was with in the province of "Nolambavady" ruled by great Chalukya Kings. During 1173-1220, this province was ruled by Pandyas. Then Hoysalas ruled this province after defeating Pandyas. In 1342, Nolamba province was conquered by the Vijayanagar Empire, who was overpowered by the hands of local "Palyagars" of Chitradurga. This province was also ruled by Maratha Sardars during the reign of Tipu Sultan and Mysore Maharajas.

During this period the place was given as jagir to a Maratha chief named Apoji Ram who encouraged lingayat merchants to settle there. This saw a European firm starting a cotton mill which led to a boom of cotton mills in Davangere. The city had a municipality as early as 1870.

Chalukyan Kings, Pandyas, the Hoysalas, kings of Vijayanagar, Palyagars of Chitradurga, Maratha Sardars, Mysore Maharajas and British were all the people who ruled this place.

Davangere was known for its cotton mills, which was once a thriving textile centre.

Hydar Ali, Apoji Ram, Tipu Sultan, Sri Devrao, Kondajji Basappa are some of the prominent people from this place.

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