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"Thirtha" in Kannada, means "Pure" and "Halli" means a "Village". Apt to its name, Thirthahalli is the land where the great saints like Parashurama descended. As per the Hindu legend, when Parashurama hacked his mother's head with an axe, on the orders of his father Jamadagni, he tried to remove the blood stains on the axe by washing it in the rivers. But a tiny mark of blood still remained and Parashurama's effort went in vain though he washed the axe almost in all the rivers. Finally he came to this place where the Tunga River flows on the bank of Thirthahalli. To his surprise, the blood stain was removed when he washed the axe in this river near Thirthahalli. The place where Parashurama washed the axe came to be known as "Parashurama Thirtha" or simply "Rama Thirtha". Thus Thirthahalli became a sacred land, being a part of this great legend. Originally Thirthahalli was called 'Theerthahvali' or 'Theertharajapura'. (To know the elaborate history, read our History section of Rameshwara Temple).

Over a period of time, Thirthahalli developed into a panchayat town in Shimoga District of Karnataka State. Situated on the banks of Tunga River, Thirthahalli falls as the centre location when you are visiting other nearby tourist destinations of Karnataka like Udupi, Agumbe, Shimoga, Sagar, Koppa, Mandagadde, etc. Apart from being a picturesque village, Thirthahalli draws many a visitors because of its sanctity.

Heritage, religion, adventure and leisure go hand-in-hand in Thirthahalli. To explore the nature's beauty, there are many such places, both in and around Thirthahalli, where you can go hiking and trekking. The Kundadri Hills nearby is the real treat for nature lovers. Many holy places like the Rameshwara temple, Sri Lakshmi Venkataramana temple among others also adorn Thirthahalli.

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Hi, I had recently visited Thirthahalli and stayed in highpoint home stay. I liked this Thotti mane. Just wanted to check if you give any architech who can construct Thotti mane for us near bangalore. Need some local person who knows this concept.... added by   Rashmi on Jan 7 2014
My brother and myself were born (1932 & 1934) at the site where Gayatri Mandira is situated. We had a Gayatri picture at the entrance to our house. We are deeply moved to see Gayatri Mandira at that site, our JANMABHOOMI. Gayatri Mantra has been with us every-day all the time. What a Miracle !! Mum-Dad- Brother & Grand-Ma are delighted to know this. ... added by   Vasudeva on Jan 29 2013
Please provide me the tel no.of Malnad Club. H.R.Janakiram M-9343546150... added by   H.R.JANAKIRAM on Oct 19 2012
please provide me the details of malnad club for membership enrolling. You can contact me at 9535506255... added by   Nithin Bhandari on Jul 23 2012
i am searching for phone number of forest guest house ,kuppalli forest department. please help us.... added by   pashupathi on Jun 26 2012
i am serching for phone no. of Theerthahalli Malnad club, shimoga. pls send me imdtly.... added by   vijayakumar on Jun 6 2012
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