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Situated on the left bank of the Malaprabha River, Pattadakkal is a World Heritage Centre declared by UNESCO in 1987 and a part of the Bagalkot district of the state of Karnataka. The place is situated entirely on the North Karnataka Plateau which is just 22 kms from Badami and about 10 kms from Aihole. Historians believe that Pattadakal was referred to as Petrigal by Ptolemy, Pattadakal was later known variously as Raktapura and Pattadakal Kisuvolal which meant 'Red Town' in Kannada.

Major tourist attractions in the city are the temples like Sangameshwara, Chandrashekhara, Jambuling, adasideeshwara, Papanatha, Kashivishvanatha, Naganatha and inscriptions in the Mahakuteshwara Temple. Sangameshwara temple is the oldest and

Pattadakal is a small town lies in the Bagalkot district, 22 kms north east of Badami. The sacred town of Pattadakal is known for its superb crafted temples dating back to 8th century AD. The complex is now recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. The temples represent the artistic achievements of Chalukyan kings and architectural richness of South Indian rulers in ancient days. The Chalukyan artistry and penchant for devotion towards their gods and goddesses reached its pinnacle from the seventh to the ninth centuries functioning as a royal commemorative site. The group of about ten temples, surrounded by numerous minor shrines and plinths, represents the climax of early Western Chalukyan Architecture.

Bangalore - 500 kms is the nearest big town to Bagalkot, Goa is about 300 kms and Bijapur 90 kms.

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