Ramdev International Hotel, Belgaum

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Ramdev International Hotel comes under a category of 3,2,1 star hotels

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Pb Rd
Nehru Nagar
Belgaum - 590010
Phone No :- 0831 2470132
Telebooking No :- 2471374
Website :- www.hotelramdev.com

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I am driving from Bengaluru to Mumbai with my wife and am looking for an overnight stay at your Hotel. We will check in on 13 Dec 2014 (evening) and check out on 14 Dec (morning). Please let me know: 1) Availability of a double, non AC room for the date 2) Tariff including taxes 3) Amenities - wifi, whether breakfast is included, etc. Thank you. Suresh (Prof A.K. Suresh, IIT Bombay)... added by   A.K. Suresh on Nov 30 2014
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