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Situated about 3.5 km from Udupi bus stand, the holy place of Ambalpady is famous for the Sri Janardhana and Mahakali Temple. Ambalpady is named and dedicated after the Goddess Mahakali as Ambalpady means Ammana Padi ( Woods of Amma ). Ambalpady is a temple complex comprising of numerous temples namely Mahakali temple, Janardhana Pushkarani, Anjaneya temple and Raghavendra Swami s Brindavan. Goddess Mahakali is worshipped more here than others as she is like a mother to the devotees, her children.

Named after the Goddess as Ambalpady, the place is said to have been visited by Janardhana Swami who came in search of Goddess Mahakali and resolved to stay and protect the devotees. Lord Janardhana is the main deity of Ambalpady and is worshipped along with Mata Mahakali.

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