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All the tonks on the Parasnath Hills or on the Shri Shikharji Hills extend for about 2 miles horizontally, from east to west. If one wants to cover all the 30 tonks then it is likely to take 4 and half miles of walking distance. That is in actuality the total foot distance required to cover all the 30 Tonks and Jal Mandir.

What is fascinating about all these tonks is that they have no idols in them just a foot impression or what is termed in Sanskrit as 'charan' replicas or the replica of the foot of the saints who attained moksha or samadhi. No daily puja is done at these tonks but the Parasnath Tonk and the Jal Mandir do have priests performing pujas.

31st Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Parshavnath- On the top of the hill stands the majestic tonk of the last saint the 31st tonk. This tonk stands on the western and highest peak of the Hills. No other Jain Temple is situated on such a higher level. This Summit is therefore considered to be the highest summit of Jainism.

The 31st tonk consists of a large temple with the foot replicas of Bhagwan Parshavnath in black marble. There is also a cave where it is believed Bhagwan Parasavnath meditated.

Another pair of sacred foot replicas too can be seen in the temple. This is the only temple that witnesses a daily puja in the morning. The temple faces east, while the sacred foot replicas the inside the temple face north towards the mountains. The idol of Bhomayaji Bhagwan can be seen in this temple.

Since the tonk is situated at an approximate height of 4479 feet from the sea level, the early morning mist and clouds sometimes cover it completely giving it an ethereal feel. Therefore, it is also called the Meghadambar Tonk or the temple covered by clouds. The Summit or the peak of the temple is visible even from a distance of 30 kms.

30th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Neminath- The tonk of Shri Naminatha can be seen close to that of the 29th tonk. Naminatha, who was the twenty-first Jain Tirthankar was said to born around 584,979 BCE. He became a liberated soul and his tonk can be seen close to the tonk of Shri Parashnath.

29th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Ajitnath- Ajitnatha was the second Jain Tirthankar and was born to the King Jitashatru Raja and Queen Vijaya at Ayodhya and belonged to the Ikshvaku clan.

28th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Vimalnath- Vimalnatha was the thirteenth Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Kratvarm Raja and Queen Shyama Devi at Kampilaji in the Ikshvaku clan.

27th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Supershavnath- Suparshvanath was the seventh Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Prathisth Raja and Queen Prithvidevi at Banaras.

26th Tonk of Shri Mahavir Prabhu- Tonk No. 26 is of the 24th and last Tirthankar Shri Mahavir Prabhu. Though Mahavir Swami did not attain nirvana at Shikharji, his charan replicas can still be seen in the smaller and simplified Tonk.

25th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Shantinath- Shantinath was the sixteenth Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Viswasen Raja and Queen Achira Rani at Hastinapur

24th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Sumatinath- Sumatinatha was the fifth Jain Tirthankar.

Sumatinath was born to King Megh Raja and Queen Mangala Rani at Ayodhya in the Ikshvaku clan. His birth date was the eighth day of the Vaishakh shukla month of the Indian calendar.[1]

23rd Tonk of Shashvat Jin Shri Varishen- The Tonk lies to the left side of the walking trail towards west. The charan replicas of Sri Varishen in black marble have been dedicated in his memory.

22nd Tonk of Shashvat Jin Shri Vardhaman- This Tonk lies to the right of the trail when walking west. The Charan replicas of the Bhagwan in black marble are similar to those of the 23rd Tonk.

21st Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Dharamnath- Dharmanath was the fifteenth Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Bhanu Raja and Queen Suvrata Rani at Ratnapuri of the Ikshvaku clan.

20th Jala Mandir- Jal Mandir is a majestic temple situated to the south of Parasnath Hills. An ornately decorated temple it is in sharp contrast to that of the Tonks.

Built on a huge stretch of land, it consists of an elaborate temple hall with idols of Tirthanakars adorning on all four sides, with the principal idol of the deity Shamalia Parashavnath Bhagwan in the center and the idols of Shri Sambhavmnath Prabhu and  Abinandanth Prabhu to the left and right.

Since the entire temple body is surrounded by natural water bodies or Jalkunds as they are known by a water spring, it has been named the Jal Mandir. Though the temple does not consist of any Tirthankar charan replicas, it is still known as the Tonk No. 20.

19th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Shubh Swami Ghandhar- This Tonk is decorated with two Dwarpals and is located directly opposite the Jal Mandir facing west.

18th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Abhinandannath- Abhinandannatha or Abhinandan Swami was the fourth Tirthankara and was born to King Sanvara Raja and Queen Sidharta Rani at Ayodhya 17th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Vasupujya,

16th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Sambhavnath- Sambhavanath was the third Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Jitari Raja and Queen Saina Rani of the Ikshvaku clan.

15th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Anantnath- Anantnath was the fourteenth Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Raja Sinhsen and Queen Suyasha Rani at Ayodhya.

14th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Sheetalnath- Sheetalnath was the tenth Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Dradhrath Raja and Queen Nanda Rani at Bhaddilpur.

13th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Adinath- This Tonk is perched on a peak and faces south. Though Shri Adinath Prabhu attained nirvana at Shri Aspad Mountain, present day Mount Kailash, the tonk containing his charan replicas has been built in his memory.

12th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Chandrahprabhu- Shri Chandraprabha was the eighth Tirthankara who was born to King Mahasena and Queen Lakshmana Devi at Chandrapuri.

11th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Munisuvrat- Munisuvrata Swami was the twentieth Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Sumitra Raja and Queen Padmavati Rani at Mithila.

10th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Padam Prabhu- Padmaprabha was the sixth Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Shridhar Raja and Queen Susimadevi at Koushambi.

9th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Suvidhinath- In Jainism, Puṣpadanta also known as Suvidhinatha, was the ninth Tirthankara was born to King Sugriva and Queen Rama at Kakandi (modern Khukhundoo, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh).

8th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Shreyanshnath- Shreyansanath was the eleventh Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Vishnu Raja and Queen Vishnu Devi Rani at Sinhpuri, near Sarnath, Bihar.

7th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Mallinath- Mallinath the only female Jain tirthankara who attained Samadhi on the hill. She was said to be born to King Kumbha Raja and Queen Prabhavati Rani of Mithila.

6th Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Arnath- Aranath was the eighteenth Jain Tirthankar and was born to King Sudarshan Raja and Queen Devi Rani at Hastinapur.

5th Tonk of Shri Naminath Prabhu- The charan replicas of Shri Naminath Prabhu are in black marble and this Tonk faces to the south.

4th Tonk of Shashvat Jin Shri Chandranath- This Tonk has charan replicas of Shasvat Jin in white marble, and is relatively smaller in size. The facing of the Tonk is towards the east.

3rd Tonk of Shashvat Jin Shri Rishbhanan-  This Tonk of Shasvat Jin is in black marble, smaller in size and has a long conical dome with a face image at the top. This Tonk too faces east.

2nd Tonk of Bhagwan Shri Kunthunath- Kunthunath was the seventeenth Jain Tirthankar who was born to King Shursen Raja and Queen Srirani Rani at Hastinapur.

1st Tonk of  Shri Gautam Swami (Ganadhara)- Tonk No. 1 is that of Ganadhara Gautam Swami. Standing majestically at the center of all Tonks, this Tonk has a large dome, has been built on the main intersection where all the 4 trailways meet, faces east and can be approached from Madhuban through the main paved trail.

Ganadhar Gautam Swami was first and chief disciple of Bhagwan Mahavir Swami. The main section of the Tonk has images of charan replicas of all the twenty-four Tirthankars and ten Ganadharas in white marble while the charan replicas of Gautam Swami are in black marble.

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