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Ghatshila, Jharkhand: Ghatshila is located at 22.60°N 86.48°E and has an average elevation of 103 m (338 ft).

Ghatshila denotes two words, Ghat meaning bank of a river and Sila denoting the natural placement of rocks and stones on its river bed. The unique name of the place is aligned inevitably to the majestic Subarnarekha River that flows down the city, enlivening everything that it touches, man, rock and tree.

Ghatshila was established on 4 May 1962 on the banks of the river Subarnarekha at a distance of approximately 45 km from the District Headquarters at Jamshedpur.

Ghatshila and its picturesque environs have stirred many a writer and poet's souls. It is here in the lap of mother Subarnarekha that the famed and master story teller, Bengali writer Sri Bibhuti Bhushan Banyopadhaya weaved his magical pen and entranced his readers with works such as Pather Panchali. The city is surrounded by thick dark forests that add to its mystical allure and charm. Ghathsila was formerly the headquarters of the Rajas of Dalbhum whose ancestral bloodline was traced to the royalty of Cuttack, (Orissa). The unspoilt natural beauty of Ghatshila attracts tourists from far and wide.

Jamshedpur is just 48.5 kms or an hour's drive away from Ghatshila city.

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