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Situated in Lal Mandi, on the left bank of the river Jhelum, the Shri Pratap Singh Museum was created at the behest of Raja Amar Singh, the ruler’s younger brother. The Museum houses exhibits and artifacts from Jammu, Kashmir, Baltistan and Gilgit. The initial collection of the Museum was created out of the state s, Tosha Khana , treasury. Today, with all the after-additions of items, the collection is displayed under the sections - numismatics, manuscripts, miniature paintings, weapons, utensils, musical instruments, furniture and decorative artifacts, textiles, carpets, leather-ware and grass and willow work.

As Jammu and Kashmir State has various archaeological sites, sculptures, tiles and other artifacts excavated from these archaeological sites form an interesting part of the display. Also on display are items of natural history and stuffed birds and animals.

More than two hundred textile items are on display and have jamawar , gabbas and rumals that date back to 1752 and the Afghan period .

One spectacular item is the embroidered map of Srinagar that was prepared during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The Museum's core collection comprises the section with decorative arts and crafts which has over eight-hundred objects that have been classified into twenty-one sub-sections based on the materials used and this ranges from grass to enameled items. The Museum also houses ancient terracotta heads of 3rd century from the Buddhist site at Ushkur and molded terracotta plaques of 4th and 5th century from Harwan. These attract many to this museum.

An ancient brass model of ‘Lokeshvara’, copper image of Lord Buddha in 5th century Gandhara-style and the green stone structures of Lord Vishnu sitting on Garuda are added attractions of the Museum. Other items displayed here include shawls, arms and armory, paintings, ancient coins and Ladakhi handicrafts.

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