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History of Beerwah: According to ‘Neelmath Purana’–a repository of information regarding the people, culture and history of pre-historic region of Kashmir, Beerwah is a historical town which dates back 2000 years. Ancient Beerwah had a ‘Badri Kali Teerath Asthan’ –a place of Hindu pilgrimage plus a very long cave where it said that the famous Hindu Shiva philosopher Abhinava Gupta once entered this cave along with his colleagues but did not exit it.

In 1766 A.D., a Fort was built by the then Muslim Governor - Lal Mohammad Khatak. This fort was repaired in 1801 A.D. by Governor Abdullah Khan but unfortunately the fort was destroyed completely in 1884 A. D. in an earthquake.

In the more recent times, Beerwah was made one of the three Tehsils of the Budgam District which was formed out of the erstwhile Srinagar District in 1979.

Beerwah is famous for its dry fruits such as walnuts, pears, apricots, cherries and almonds. The use of dried fruits dates back to the 4th Millennium B. C. in Mesopotamia – the modern-day Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. These dried fruits have been a staple diet for centuries due to their nutritive value, sweet taste and long shelf life. Dried fruits were valued for their energy by the travelers. So valuable were the dried fruits considered that they were thought important to be recorded in the Assyrian and the Babylonian monuments and temples more than 5000 years ago. Today, dried fruits are majorly used in Kashmiri type of Biryani and desserts such as pies, cakes, brownies, ‘khubani ka meetha’ etc. Dried fruits are still valued as ‘energy-bars’ by travelers today.

Famous Personalities in Beerwah:
Governor Lal Mohammad Khatak, Governor Abdullah Khan, Abhinava Gupta, Godwin-Austin, M. K. Raina.

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This information is wrong, history should have included the work of Syed Saeed shah bukhari & syed ALI SHAH BUKHARI... added by   Romisa on Dec 8 2014
Mawlana Syed Zeerak shah Bukhari Mawlana Syed Saeed Shah Bukhari Sir Syed Sani Mawlana Syed Ali shah Bukhari Mirwaiz central Kashmir Molvi Syed Abdul Latief Bukhari Syed Abdul Rouf Bukhari These are some notable persons related to politics ,social work,Education,Religious teachings in the area... added by   Fayaz Ahmed on Oct 15 2012
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