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Gulmarg Golf Course, Gulmarg: Perched at about 9000 feet altitude, Gulmarg Golf Course is one of the highest golf courses in the world.

Imagine playing Golf in the greens closely surrounded by hills and distantly by mountains. Imagine walking these greens which are laced with pine trees. Imagine the weather to consistently hover around 6 degrees Celsius presenting a cool and pleasant weather and the openness of the course adds a touch of a swaying breeze. And you don’t have to be a golfer to walk this golfing-paradise! You could just unwind or catch a tan.

Golfers and golf-enthusiasts from all over the globe have had a love-affair with the Gulmarg Golf Course for years. Golf Tourism is what Gulmarg has been famous for worldwide and was titled the ‘Golf Mecca’ of India. The historic Gulmarg Golf Club is at an elevation of 9000feet and is one of the highest 18-hole Green Golf Courses in the world – the others being La Paz Golf Club in Bolivia, Jade Dragon Golf Course in China and Mount Massive Golf Course in Colorado, USA. The Golf course is maintained by Jammu and Kashmir State tourism. The golf course offers some scenic and serene and uninterrupted walks. Taking the outer circle on the course offers amazing views of sloping Pine forests around the rolling course.

Known and played by the professional circuit of Golfers, Gulmarg Golf Course has hosted many amateur and professional golf tournaments for men, women and children. The Course also welcomes newbie’s and Tiger Woods wannabes. In peak golfing season, Gulmarg transforms into a colourful metropolitan area with the course sprinkled with many golfers and their caddies. Here plenty of accessible golf can be played and suits any wallet size. The course poses a good test for golf.

Gulmarg, turf is soft as it lies buried six to eight feet under snow for five months ofthe year. The greens have a combination of a high variety of grass and natural slopes, which are fast to play on, and the thin air carries the ball much further. Golfing at Gulmarg is a unique experience.

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