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Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar An excellent assembly of architectural astronomical instruments built by Maharaja Jai Singh II is k..More

Ita Fort

Ita Fort Ita fort, Itanagar: Ita Fort is a historical monument of Itanagar located in the heart of the city...More

Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves Situated just 30 kms from Aurangabad city is the twin attraction of Ellora caves which are 34 in nu..More

World War Cemetery

World War Cemetery World War Cemetery, Kohima: Kohima has an unforgettable historical record of the World War II...More


Charminar Charminar stands graciously amidst the hustle and bustle of this Old City area of Hyderabad. This b..More

Kurnool Fort or Konda Reddy Buruju

Kurnool Fort or Konda Reddy Buruju The Kurnool Fort is located in the heart of Kurnool and is one of the prominent landmarks of the to..More

Amber fort

Amber fort Amber fort or Amer fort is a major attraction in the city of Amber. Amer fort is the living evidenc..More

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial Victoria Memorial, Kolkata– a white Marble Marvel – was built in 1921 in honour of Quee..More

Tipu Mastan Aulia’s Tomb

Tipu Mastan Aulia’s Tomb Tipu Mastan Aulia Tomb is the Tomb of the Sufi Saint, Tipu Mastan Aulia. In the year 1777, the cons..More

Domakonda Fort

Domakonda Fort Another heritage centre near the town of Nizamabad is Domakonda Fort that stands as a magnificent e..More

Falaknuma Palace

Falaknuma Palace You will not understand the royalty, which the Nawabs enjoyed unless you visit their lavishly built..More

Chow Mahalla Palace

Chow Mahalla Palace Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad: 17:08:01In the city of Hyderabad there stands another marvel belongi..More

Jesal Toral Samadhi

Jesal Toral Samadhi Jesal-Toral Samadhi is a sacred tomb where the mortal remains of Jesal and Sati Toral were buried. ..More

Akkamahadevi Caves

Akkamahadevi Caves Nallamalla forest has innumerable number of caves which have a lot of religious and historical impo..More

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace Mysore Palace, Mysore: The Mysore palace occupies a prestigious place among the tourist attractions..More

Padmadurg Fort

Padmadurg Fort Spread over a vast area of about 9 acres, the Padmadurg Fort is also known as the Kasa fort which i..More

Kavaledurga Fort

Kavaledurga Fort To touch the historical side of Karnataka, visit its one of the many forts, the Kavaledurga Fort. K..More

Gol Gumbaz

Gol Gumbaz Located on the eastern end Bijapur city, the Gol Gumbaz was built by the 7th ruler of the Adil Shah..More

Gooty Fort

Gooty Fort This place is famous for a fort which is one of the ancient hill forts of Andhra Pradesh believed t..More

Ramagiri Fort

Ramagiri Fort Ramagiri Fort karimagar: Ramagiri Fort or "Ramgiri Khilla", in Karimnagar District of Andhra P..More

Chandragiri Fort

Chandragiri Fort This fort is strategically located over the top of a small hill about 183m high. The strong walls s..More

Kadali Vanam

Kadali Vanam Once you pass through Akka Mahadevi caves, the foot path takes you the this Kadali Vanam which has ..More

Prithviraj Chauhan Fort

Prithviraj Chauhan Fort Prithviraj Chauhan Fort also known as Asigarh Fort is an old fort in Hansi that was built by the gr..More

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort Located at a distance of 25kms from the main city of Pune, the Sinhagad Fort is a popular picnic sp..More

Fort William

Fort William Fort William, Kolkata: Built as a Citadel - the main British Military Garrison and currently the He..More

Mogalrajapuram Caves

Mogalrajapuram Caves Amidst the hustle bustle of Vijayawada city there lies this testimony of the golden bygone era - th..More

Pataudi Palace

Pataudi Palace The Pataudi Palace is the home of the Nawab of Pataudi village near Gurgaon and more popularly know..More
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