historical places in Orissa

Historical Places-Buildings in Orissa Forts, Monuments, Palaces


Dinamardinga and Farasidinga

Dinamardinga and Farasidinga All European companies started their trading activities in the ports of Orissa. Balasore town, bein..More

Bhujakhia Pir

Bhujakhia Pir Situated at Sunhat, in the heart of the city of Balasore, is the tomb of Sufi saint Aasthana Sharif..More

Rajabati and Ranikothi

Rajabati and Ranikothi As the name suggests, Rajabati was the housing quarters of the king while Ranikothi were the quarte..More

Ruins of forts Viratgarh and Kichakgarh

Ruins of forts Viratgarh and Kichakgarh There are ruins of two fortified palaces of Khiching. The more extensive one on the river Khairaban..More
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