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Rohru Local Tourism Information:

Local Dances in Rohru:
The dances of the area are quite varied, enjoyable and a little complicated. These dances are very vital part of the tribal life. It reflects the culture and the tradition of the place. Festivals are barely celebrated without dancing. Natti is the most common dance in Rohru which is a simple rural dance done on the festival of Mahasu Fair. Some of the dance forms like Dulshol, Dharveshi, Drodi, Dev Naritya, Rakshas Nritya, Dangi, Lasaand Nagas are danced all over the region. The other noted dances are:

Cholamba dance: This ritual dance is performed when a tiger is killed. The dead animal's skin is stuffed and a gold ornament is put in his nose. The dancers gather and dance around the remains of the tiger.

Shabboo Dance: The Shabbo dance is done during festivals. It reflects the beliefs and lifestyle of the tribal people of the region. These dance forms are associated with the local festivals.

Keekali Dance: It is a dance of young girls. The girls hold the hands of each other crosswise and rotate them swiftly on their toes.

Handicrafts in Rohru:
Thelocal handicrafts include
1. Woolen and pashmina shawls (pashmina is a very fine and lightweight wool made from pashmina goat that are found only in the Northern hilly areas of the country and are known for its warmth and elegance)
2. Metal craft – bells, incense burners, lamps, jars, flasks, canopies, pots, jewellery.
3. Food items – apple jam, apple juice
4. Wood work – book stands, decorative items, boxes, jewellery boxes.

Important Telephone Numbers:
Tourism Information Centre
Tel: (0177) 2652561, 2658302 Fax: (0177) 2652557
E-mail: ;

District Tourism Development Officers
Shimla, Phone: 0177-2653888

Precautionary Measures:
The climate of Rohru is very pleasant in summers (April to June) with temperature remains 10 to 15 degrees. Winters (November to February) are freezing with temperature is about -2 to 5 degrees. The best time to visit Rohru is from April to July and September to October.

Some do’s and don’ts while visiting the city:
1. Appoint tourist guide only after verifying identification.
2. Tourists need to main eco-friendliness and try not to dirty the city.
3. It is advisable to consult the tourism information center before hiring a taxi or a cab.
4. Tourists are requested to keep local water sources clean and avoid using chemical detergents in streams or springs.
5. If no toilet facilities are available, kindly defecate at least 30 meters away from any water source, ensuring to bury any waste.
6. Travel-generated garbage to be kept at the minimum.
7. Camping areas should be left clean while leaving the place.
8. The vegetation of the area should be protected. Carrying cuttings from plants, plucking of flowers, seeds and roots without permission of the authorized persons is illegal.
9. Carving names and figures on trees, spraying graffiti on monuments, defacing rocks causes a lot of harm to the property. Tourists are requested to avoid these.
10. Firewood is scarce and should be used carefully while heating water, lighting bonfire or fire-places.
11. Read the literature, brochure carefully and gain complete information about the surroundings and the environment.
12. Proper information about the slope of the trekking hill is a must. Some hills have a gentle slope, some have a moderate slope and others are rash. It is advisable to match the slope with the physical fitness before venturing into the track.
13. Carry required medicines, sun-screen lotion, water and inform the guide complete details about your health and physical condition.
14. Complete checking of vehicle should be done to reduce polluting gases/smoke. Ensure that the vehicle has adequate fuel. Vehicles like Jeep or Gypsy are suggested on hills.
15. It is illegal to carry fire-arms/ammunitions or any other explosives.
16. Avoid offering food to animals as this may lead to the animals attacking the tourists and also is harmful for them.
17. Strictly follow the guidelines for personal safety and security taking required precautions.
18. Comfortable clothes, hats and shoes make the travel and expeditions easy. Warm clothes are an essential during winters.
19. The best time to visit the area is between April and October. While planning the trip, it is advisable to check on general road conditions and confirm if the high Passes are open to traffic.
20. Exchange money only through authorized banks or money changers and ensure to take a receipt
21. Prohibited or restricted areas have to be visited only after seeking permission and fulfilling necessary formalities from the nearest Government of India Tourist Office.
22. Footwear is not allowed inside Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Jain places of worship. A few shrines even prohibit leather articles to be carried along in the shrine.
23. Tourists are requested not to wear anything that offends the culture of the shrine.
24. Travel tickets to be purchased from an authorized travel agent only.
25. Adventurous sports to be done only under professional guidance.

Accommodation in Rohru:
Rohru has good local hotels and resorts that offer excellent accommodation. Most of them are hill facing.

A number of local residents offer home stay which is a good option for a comfortable economic stay with home cooked food of your choice.

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