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Parwanoo City History-Importance-Origin-Architecture

History of Parwanoo: Parwanoo was an unknown place with not many activities and development until 1973. Pre-independence, though the British were developing almost all the areas of Himachal, not much was being done in Parwanoo and it remained unnoticed.

After Himachal Pradesh was formed on 25th January 1971, the first Chief Minister of Himachal, Shri Y S Parmar identified the industrial potential of the town and initiated the setting up of industries here. Gradually it became a major industrial town of Himachal. Many benefits and incentives were declared that initiated the establishment of a number of small and large scale industries in the town.

The British were tht prominent rulers

Dhalli on its northern outskirts (on the Simla highway) is famous for its meat pickle shops.

Parwanoo is famous for its various fruit based products such as Jams, Jellies, preserves and pickles. The most popular being the meat based pickles.

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