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Top-Best-Famous Heritage Places in Maharashtra- Museums, Heritage Buildings


Science Centre

Science Centre The Sub-Regional Science Centre at Solapur is a popular attraction which houses galleries on Textil..More

Shinde’s Chhatri

Shinde’s Chhatri Shinde s Chhatri is located at a place called Wanowri, close to Pune city. This is a building const..More

Karmarkar Museum

Karmarkar Museum Located about 18 km from Alibag on Aliba Rewas Road is the Karmarkar Museum. The art works of the f..More

Ahmednagar Historical Museum

Ahmednagar Historical Museum The Ahmednagar historical museum boasts of more than 12000 manuscripts, more than 8000 coins, more ..More

Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum

Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum The Shivaji museum is also known as the Satara museum which was the erstwhile Capital of Maratha Ki..More

Rajwade Sanshodhan Mandal

Rajwade Sanshodhan Mandal Rajwade Sanshodhan Mandal in Dhule is a famous museum established in 1932 which consists of a big c..More

Walavalkar Shivaji Museum

Walavalkar Shivaji Museum Located towards Devrukh on the Mumbai-Goa highway, the Walawalkar Shivaji Museum depicts the life a..More

Bhavani museum

Bhavani museum The Shri Bhavani Museum and Library at Aundh located on the Yamai Hill near Satara district is an i..More

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum is one of the finest museums in the Pune city. Situated in Shukawar Peth,..More

Ganj Golai

Ganj Golai Latur city has the famous Ganj Golai as the central place of the city. The town planner Shri Faiy..More

Raigad Museum

Raigad Museum Raigad Museum is located at the Lower Station of Raigad Fort. The museum has been created with the ..More

Laxmibai Shinde s House

Laxmibai Shinde s House Laxmibai Shinde s house is another prominent place where Baba received his last food and gave nine ..More

Dixit Wada Museum

Dixit Wada Museum The Dixit Wada Museum comprises of one of the rarest articles you d ever see is a black and white p..More

Tribal Museum

Tribal Museum Tribal Museum is situated on the Queens Road, in the Pune city of India. The Museum showcases the f..More

Mount Malcolm

Mount Malcolm  Named after the British General John Malcolm, Mount Malcolm is one among the earliest edifice..More

David Synagogue

David Synagogue The David Synagogue is a rare remnant of true Victorian architecture. Built in 1861 by David Sassoo..More

Bhavani Mandap

Bhavani Mandap The Bhavani Mandap known as Glory of the city is the oldest and biggest structure in Kolhapur. Th..More

Coin Museum

Coin Museum Located against the backdrop of the enthralling Ajneri Hill in Nashik, the museum has a fine collec..More

The Town Hall Museum Temple

The Town Hall Museum Temple The Town Hall Museum is another important attraction of Kolhapur city. Majority of the items displa..More


Bajajwadi Bajajwadi is the residence of the late Shri Jamnalal Bajaj who played the host to all the national ..More

Magan Sangrahalaya Museum

Magan Sangrahalaya Museum The Magan Sangrahalaya is a museum located in the center of Wardha city. The museum was inaugurated..More

Raj Bhawan

Raj Bhawan Raj Bhawan is the palace of Shivaji Maharaj from where he administered and managed his kingdom. The..More

Aurangabad Museums

Aurangabad Museums Aurangabad is also known for its three museums, through which one can glimpse into its art legacy. ..More
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