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The Baba Mast Nath Math is the oldest and most popular place of Nath Sect belonging to Kanphada Yogis, located in the Asthal Bohar village. There is a huge statue of Baba Mast Nath placed outside the Math. The Math is a place of peace, spiritual learning and serenity. The Dhooni (a flame burnt with wood that leaves ashes) is believed to be very pious and is believed to give a lot of peace to the visitor. The morning and evening Aarti are done with great devotion and drums are played during the Aarti.

In addition to showing the distressed the way to peace, the center aims at providing Spiritual, Yogic, Ayurvedic, Sanskrit, Techno-Management, Medical and Paramedical education to people. It also offers free medical treatment and aims at creating the infrastructure and enhancement of the educational institutions and providing scholarships to the students.

The Math has several divisions and charitable units. A Gaushala (a shed that runs on donations and charitable trusts that takes care of cattle), Yoga Center, Ayurvedic education, hospital, Laboratory for Research and Analysis, Engineering Colleges, Pharmaceutical Colleges, Schools, Nursing College, Sanskrit College etc. are the servicing units of the Math. In addition to its earnings, the Math also receives huge donations from top industrialists and reputed organizations.

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There is some pepole known that when the train took the stop at Asthal Bohar. long ago (when English was ruraled here), some pupils (Saint) of Baba Mastnath Ji was comming in the fair of Baba Mastnath Ji which celebrate every year in the month of march. They take the ticket and took your seats. Then the train was not stop at Asthal Bohar.TTE asked for ticket. Saints see the ticket, then TTE said to Saints,"Train will not stop at Asthal Bohar" then why you take the ticket from Rohtak to Sampla. B... added by   RAJU on Jul 7 2012
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