Tomb Of Razia Sultan, Kalayat

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The tomb of Razia Sultan is a tribute to the first woman ruler of India and to her heroic courage and bravery. It is a major historical attraction of Kalayat.

There are at least three claims regarding her grave site. The reason being, none of the 3 grave sites have inscription on tombstone in memory of the one buried there. So far there are no archaeological or documentary evidences to confirm the site of her grave. The dispute is whether she was buried in Kalayat or Delhi or Tonk. Also the burial place of Altunia and Yakut are still facts of dispute.

The tomb of Razia is situated in Siwan near Kalayat city. The tomb lies in the north-western suburbs of the city. The Haryana Urban Development Association is working on the restoration and beautification of the tomb. Historians are not very sure whether Razia Sultan was killed in Kalayat or Delhi by the Jats. However the tomb is believed to be her original place of death and attracts a number of tourists.

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