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The Brick Temple in Kalayat is located on Narwana - Kaithal road. The temple dates back to the 7th-8th century A.D and is built in the Pancharatha style.

The brick temple is an exquisite master piece of ancient architecture and of great interest to tourists with archeological interests. This is a temple of Lord Shiva. From a distance it appears as a huge tomb made of bricks. The backyard of the temple has steps going down that lead to a Kund, created to take bath before the worship. The temple has Linga (Lord Shiva idol) statues and Snake statues. Built in the Pancharatha style the temple is square in shape with an Antarala (a small anti-chamber between the shrine and the porch leading to the temple) and a portico. The Shikhara has much miniature Chaitya window themes created on a decoratively arched frontage. The style is used repeatedly and slowly withdrawn in the corners of the temple. The center of the temple is beautifully decorated and looks like an inspiring canopy. The bricks used in the temple are beautifully carved with floral and other designs without any mortar.

This is a very good example of Gurjara - Pratihara style of early temple architecture. Though the temple appears to be really uncared for yet it is this original construction that makes it a tribute to the exotic ancient architecture. The premises of the temples are specially lit up and decorated with flowers on festive occasions especially Mahashivaratri.

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