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Kalayat, Haryana: Kalayat is a municipal committee town located in Kaithal district in the North - West of Haryana state, India. Its geographical coordinates are 29.67714’0” North 76.24814’0” East.

Kalayat is a historical town which was known as Kapilayat in the past. It was named after the great Hindu sage Kapil Muni. He was the tenth son of Rishi Kardam. The Shankhya Shastra (Science of Numbers) was written by Kapil Muni.

Kalayat is a town in Kalayat Mandal at a distance of 20.8 km from its District Main City Kaithal. People belonging to 36 different casts live here in peace and harmony thus, collectively making the town very progressive. Though it is a small town, there are many good schools and colleges in Kalayat.

Kalayat and its neighboring towns are known for its paddy-wheat, bajra, cotton, sugarcane, oilseeds and pulses. Though tractors and other modern facilities are in use, however a lot of natives still use buffaloes and cows for agricultural purpose. Farmer association representatives and Gram Panchayat members (PRA villages) are preparing comprehensive agricultural plan for Kalayat and all other towns and villages of Kaithal district. Agro forestry trees like eucalyptus are popular and also finding their ways in the farming system.

The temples at Kalayat are important religiously and architecturally. On Karthika Purnima devotees gather near the sacred tank in Kalayat. Ten kms from Kalayat in the village of Kamalpur, there is a temple of Goddess Durga where an Akhand Jyot is lit. 

In addition to its temples there are also some famous educational institutions located here:
1.Haryana College of Technology & Management.
2.Savitri Devi Memorial College of Pharmacy is the famous colleges of Kalayat.

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Above history shows 1763 BC means Before Christ whereas Sikh Dharm came in existence after 1500 AD. Pl. clarify the the time. ... added by   D P Sharma on Oct 6 2016
I just luv KALAYAT... added by   Amit Rana on Aug 3 2014
Our Fore fathers belonged to Kalayat. I visited in 1947. It was approachable by train only. There was only one well, mostly people take bath and drink dirty water. ... added by   Madan Lal Gupta, Harianawala on Aug 1 2012
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