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Dahegam City History-Importance-Origin-Architecture

Dahegam possesses a history of 800 years. During 1257 AD, Gujarat was under the Khilji dynasty. Jafar Khan of the Tughlak dynasty had overpowered King Ram Ray Rathod of Idar. The Mughals took control of a majority of the Gujarat during this period. Later, the Marathas administered the region during 1753 AD. Damaji Gaikwad is considered to be most significant ruler. To secure the local residents from the Mughals, he allowed few Rajputs to relocate from Bahial along with some Patels from Valol, which was in Kadi Taluk. The two famous Patels were Bhaidas and Dharamdas. They were bestowed with the responsibility of collecting taxes by the Gaikwad. Their successors are known as Amin and their settlement region became popular as the Aminvada. From thereon, they contained of five ancestors with names such as Desaibhai, Bhaidas, Vastabhai, Vardhabhai and Monahan.

Mithabhai Raghabhai Amin and their successors, even these days take care of most of the real estate, who were the ones to construct the very first cold storage unit in the city. In 1875 AD, during the Gaikwad regime, Dahegam taluka was formed and Dahegam erupted as the political center for the new taluka. Presently, Dehgam has got healthcare facility, library, wells, boys and girls educational institutes and police station.

In 1897 AD, Ahmedabad-Pratij meter gauge railway line was constructed, which is also known as A-P-RLY in a compact form. In 1910 AD, Dahegam got its first English medium school.

After Indian attained independence from the British, Dahegam remained to be progressive. Soon, cricket became very popular and was considered as the most prominent sporting activity in the region. Dehgam has been conferred with the status of Nagarpalika in 1987 AD. Later, Ahmedabad district was halved in 1998 AD due to which Dahegam became a part of Gandhinagar district.

Khilji dynasty, Jafar Khan of the Tughlak dynasty, King Ram Ray Rathod of Idar, The Mughals, The Marathas, Damaji Gaikwad. are the rulers who ruled the kingdom

Dahegam started gaining popularity once the Kachhi Patels began relocating to Dahegam, especially for farming, timber and other businesses. They all have gelled up well with the local people and represented themselves as locals. On the economic front, many types of industries such as big cold storage units and cotton processing plants along with steel fabricating and making firms have been established in the city. 

• Famous personalities – Jafar Khan of the Tughlak dynasty, King Ram Ray Rathod of Idar, Damaji Gaikwad, Mithabhai Raghabhai Amin, etc,.

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