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Chanod is one of the religious cities located in Valsad District in the state of Gujarat, India. It is situated at 20°19′37″N 72°54′32″E around 31 miles from Vadodara and around 14 miles from Dabhoi city on the banks of River Narmada at the confluence of three Rivers, namely Narmada, Orsang, and Gupt Saraswati and is called as Triveni Sangam. 

According to mythology, Shri Chandika Mata has killed demon named Chand at this place. Thereafter, this place has become famous as "Chandipur". The name later got changed to Chandod and then finally to Chanod.

Chanod had a population of 11,958 of which males consisted of 61% and females 39% according to the 2001 Indian census. Chanod contains an average literacy rate of 72%, which is more than that of average rate of 59.5% in India. The city is one of the most sacred cities existing in the State of Gujarat in India.

As soon as a person visits Chanod, several Brahmins might pester around the person urging one to prefer them for conducting the religious rituals. There exists a large Ghat at Chanod along which Narmada River flows with a gushing force and full width of almost 1500 feet. The main Ghat consists of 64 steps and is 60 feet wide. Tourists need to get in to a boat from this main Ghat to visit the point of Triveni Sangam.

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i need my family history (pedhi namu0. my last 6 pedhi live in kalupur ahmedabad. ... added by   SACHIN PATEL on Jun 9 2014
Need information about accommodation of chandod vadodara... added by   saurabh on Mar 11 2014
The description fits the Chandod (Chanod) which is a family home for me, that I am aware of. It is in Vadodara District and not in Valsad District. Please get info checked by some knowledgable guy before posting such info in Gujarat Tourism websites.... added by   Prasad Hardikar on Oct 2 2012
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