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Aina Mahal palace, also known as or “The Hall of Mirrors” was constructed during the flourishing reign of Lakhpatji in the mid 18th century.
Known as Maharao Lakhpatji s old palace, the structure was built in traditional Kutchi style which exists in a small fortified courtyard in the old part of the city towards the northeast corner of Hamirsar Lake.

The palace is a beautifully presented museum and remains as one of the highlights of a Bhuj city. The entrance to the palace houses the tourist office which is also the site of the Maharao Madansinhji Museum. The museum has a varied collection of paintings, photos and embroideries. There s a 15m long scroll depicting the Royal Procession of Maharao Shri Pragmalji Bahadur (1838-75). The expression on the last blue-turbaned figure in this epic painting is worth a look where he looks quite peeved at having to ignobly bring up the procession.

Tourists have to explore the rest of the compound in the exteriors of the palace that has got beautifully carved doorways, broad window boxes and balconies offering perfect views. Most of the area of the compound has been demolished due to the 2001 earthquake.

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