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Ambaji Mata Mandir, Gujarat: Ambaji Mata Temple is one of the principal attractions of Ambaji town. The most noticeable fact is that the temple has got no idol of Goddess Durga. The existence of a powerful yantra inside the mandir is considered to be the only access point between ma and devotees for getting desires fulfilled.

The original location of the goddess is on Gabbar Hill. As per the inscriptions available, all Gods along with Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva requested Shakti, the ultimate cosmic power of the whole universe, to rescue the world from the atrocities of Mahisasur. She represented a glowing circle of sunrays from which Atomic Energy was generated that killed the demon. There is no image .or idol of Mata Amba in the temple. She is worshipped as Shree Visa Yantra, which is not visible to the naked eye. The grandeur of Ambaji temple amazes people. Meanwhile, plans are underway for the gold plating of its dome.

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looking for guest houses or dharam shala in ambaji... added by   kalpana rana on Oct 10 2012
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