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Kindly read the following terms and conditions carefully offered to the users/visitors of HopAroundIndia.com website effective November 21, 2011.

The use of HopAroundIndia.com website constitutes a users agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices. The website may contain certain terms pertaining to particular features and offers (for example, flights, hotels, packages etc.) to provide informative details and relevant services pertaining to travel and leisure industry in India. The below mentioned terms and conditions are to be agreed to access this website of HopAroundIndia.com. Please do not browse, read, refer, access or use any of the content and information on any of our pages in case you do not agree to the following terms. 

User Account Opening

To utilize the services provided by HopAroundIndia.com, users must register with our site and obtain a user account. An online application form needs to be filled with accurate information of oneself and submitted on the website. As part of the user account opening process you will be asked to select a Username and Password and also share with us the details of your chosen Username and Password.  It is always mandatory to use the same Username and Password while utilizing our services.


The confidentiality of the Username and Password provided by us are the sole responsibility of the user/you. The user/you is hereby advised not share or disclose the same with any third party. The user is completely responsible for all activities carried out on the website while using their password or account. In case of any event where in the user account, username and/or password are believed to have been compromised or used in an unauthorized manner, the user should get in touch with us immediately. The necessary and appropriate modifications (wherever applicable) can be made to the user/your account and the information will be sent to the email address user/you provided to us at the time of signing up.

Mail Receipt Agreement

To the extent that HopAroundIndia.com may need to contact you (user), you (user) hereby consent to receipt that we may do so via any electronic means, included but not limited to physical posts (hard copy), communication posted on the Site, electronic mail, or instant messaging.

Website Contributions

HopAroundIndia.com reserves all the right to modify, amend, update or alter any information appropriately or activity received from the users end on its website which by default becomes the property of HopAroundIndia.com. We therefore request you to regularly review our terms and conditions displayed on this page.

Intellectual Property & Ownership Rights

HopAroundIndia.com Site is the sole and exclusive property of HopAroundIndia.com and its licensors. HopAroundIndia.com and its licensors retain all the right, title and interest including but not limited to icons, buttons, logos, text etc, together with any and all trademarks constitute the exclusive intellectual property of HopAroundIndia.com and is protected under Indian law.

The entire content on the HopAroundIndia.com website you may not knowingly or unknowingly download or copy any portions of the website without retaining the copyright notices or consent of the webmaster. However, HopAroundIndia.com permits you only to download material from the website for your own personal use and non-commercial purposes whatsoever. Any and all information that is submitted by you including but not limited to comments, feedback, blogs, articles etc. is the sole property of HopAroundIndia.com and may be used in any manner that deems fit.

All the content provided on HopAroundIndia.com is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge and we do not hold responsibility for changes or alterations made to any third party content.

Third Party Linked Sites

All the websites linked to HopAroundIndia.com website are not under our control and we hold no responsibility for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any modifications or updates to those sites. These links are provided by us only for your (users) convenience, and the inclusion of any link to our website does not implicate any endorsement by us of the site.

However, HopAroundIndia.com reserves the right to remove links to the Site, in our sole discretion. Linking to any of the pages of HopAroundIndia.com site is strictly prohibited unless and until a separate linking agreement is carried out.

As HopAroundIndia.com acts only as a booking agent, it accepts no liability whatsoever for any part of the arrangements between the supplier and the customer with regard to the standard of service. Under no circumstances shall HopAroundIndia.com be liable for the services offered/provided by the supplier/third party.

Limitation of Liability

HopAroundIndia.com takes no guarantee or warrantee that this site will meet your specifications or for that matter any services of this site will be uninterrupted. The results that may be obtained from the use of this site may not be accurate or reliable or any information or other material obtained by its users through this site will meet their expectations and any errors in this site will be corrected.

HopAroundIndia.com is not responsibility or liability for any incidental or consequential damages or loss of profit or revenues caused to the user for using or accessing our website. HopAroundIndia.com shall not be liable in case of the products, services and/or information offered or provided by third-party vendors and accessed through our website found to be incorrect or cause any loss or damages.

With regard to delays that may result from improper documents for any type of entry or exit, merchantability or technical compatibility or fitness for a particular purpose or to any service, products or material provided by HopAroundIndia.com, all the content and information provided through the website or in any other form to its user is without any warranty and are not held responsible for any of the same.

  • Site Availability: Although HopAroundIndia.com makes sure of putting up its best efforts to keep our Site available on a 24-hour/7-day-a- week basis, subject to necessary scheduled downtime for maintenance, unavoidable technical discrepancies and system outages, we cannot promise that access to the Site will be continuously available at all times uninterrupted for which we cannot be held liable or responsible for any such delay, interruption or downtime.
  • Virus Contamination: HopAroundIndia.com is not held responsible or liable for any damages caused to your (users) system while using or accessing any data of our website. The omissions, delays, discrepancies, inaccuracies or errors occurred in your travel itinerary or any other reservations made using our website are not routed back to us for the website does not hold responsibility for any of the above mentioned.
  • Travel Warnings: Although most traveling is completed without incident, but travel to certain destinations may involve unforeseen risks than others. We request you to review and evaluate all possible travel prohibitions, warning, announcements, and advisories issued by the government as well as the aviation administration of India before booking travel ticket(s) to destinations within India.


You (user) hereby agree to any kind of indemnity towards HopAroundIndia.com, and its employees, agents, and any third party information providers to the Website, from and against all claims, proceedings, expenses, actions, damages and liabilities, which are the result of, or are in any way concerned to your use of the website.

Disputes & Governing Law

Any type of legal or illegal dispute(s) arising between you and HopAroundIndia.com during your use of the Site or thereafter, in connection with browsing, validity, interpretation, execution or alleged breach of any provision of the Terms and Conditions, the dispute shall be referred to or forwarded to a sole arbitrator who shall be an independent practitioner and a neutral third party identified by HopAroundIndia.com.

The place of arbitration shall be Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, whereas the arbitration proceedings shall be in English language. The Terms and Conditions as agreed upon shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of India.


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding to the above Terms & Condition with respect to access to or use of the Site or the services offered by HopAroundIndia.com, please feel free to email us at info@hoparoundindia.com.

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