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Korba Coal Fields quarry is the most vital contributor towards the growing economy of not just the district of Korba but also Chhattisgarh state as well. Several private coal washing companies have established their base with a washing capacity of 6 mty of coal per day.

The Korba Coal Fields have been mining coal since1941 but large scale production was only possible due to the completion of the Champa-Korba rail link which was established in 1955. The open cast mining activities here have given a much needed shot in the arm towards the overall production of coal which accounts to a major portion of coal mined by South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL). The production of coal by SECL in the last financial year was over a 100 tonnes, out of which Korba Coal Fields contribution was over 73 tonnes.

Korba Coal Fields cover the following Sub-areas: Korba, Surakachhar, Rajgamar, Manikpur, Dhelwadih, Kushumunda and Gevra.

The other major working coalmines include: Surakachhar, Banki, Balgi, Rajgamar, Pavan, Manikpur, Dhewadih, Sinkhali, Bagdeva, Kusumunda, Laxman, Gevra and Dipka.

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for mines research... added by   asha azad on Jul 3 2012
korba is not a very big city, but it is a very nice city. coal mines power plant is here.and it is an important role to play in economy.but central govt is ignore that,so i reqest u sonia gandhi please available the university of korba. i m sorry for that but that's true. thank u ... added by   naseem ansari on Jun 12 2012
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