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Korba City History-Importance-Origin-Architecture

History of Korba Chhattisgarh: Korba was last ruled by Rani Dhanraj Kunwar Devi. Earlier, rulers belonging to the Haihaya dynasty reigned over the region during 106 AD. Later, the city of Korba came under the influence of The Marathas. Raja Vikramaditya who was the notable ruler belonging to the Banna dynasty too used to visit the region to offer prayers to the local deity there.

Korba was once known as Gourigarh some time back which came under the sway of Nago Singh Gour, a zamindar who was also a snake charmer belonging to the Mourya caste. His annexing policy of smaller territories led him to fight the Korwas, who when on the verge of defeat stooped down to deceive Nago Singh's wife by making her believe that her husband had died in the battle. This news led her and her child to commit suicide in the nearby pond. On hearing his wife and child's death, Nago Singh too committed suicide which enabled the Korwas to become the rulers of Korba region. However, today the Korwas are believed to be one of the several tribes existing in Korba.

During the 17th century, the British started taking control of the region. Several schools with English as the medium were set up and quality education was offered. The area developed as a major industrial hub with the location of coal deposits in and around the region.

Korba became a part of Chhattisgarh district after it was newly constituted under the governance of Madhya Pradesh administration in the year 1998.

Haihaya dynasty, The Marathas, Raja Vikramaditya, Banna dynasty, Rani Dhanraj Kunwar Devi and The British were the prominent rulers.

Korba is generally referred to as the Industrial Hub of Chhattisgarh which is blessed with all the essential natural resources required for power generation such as coal and water. The four Thermal Power Plants (KSTPS (N.T.P.C), BCPP, CSEB East, CSEB West) generate 3650 MW of electricity in the combined form. SECL is a profit making Coal Company that functions under the Coal India Limited which consists of several important mines including Korba Coalfield in Korba district. BALCO (Bharat Aluminium Company) is an aluminum major that is based in the district.

Korba is also popular for "Kosa", a special variety of silk used for producing one of the premium qualities of clothes in the world. Being light in weight and having shiny texture, it is considered for making Kurtas, Sarees, Shirts, Salwar-Suits and other garments for party as well as casual needs.

Famous personalities - Raja Vikramaditya, Nago Singh Gour and Rani Dhanraj Kunwar Devi.


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