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Tara Chandi Temple is hugely popular because of its religious importance. Tourists visit this temple in large numbers after visiting Rohtas Fort. The temple is located on the eastern side of Chandan Shahid Mountain inside a small cave. It is dedicated to Mata Tara, where a statue of hers graces devotees. A new temple has been constructed on the top of the small cave where the statue of goddess is located. Towards the eastern side of statue, inside the temple on a rock there a Shilalekh of Mahanayak Pratap Dhawal which is believed to have been written in 1173 A.D. There is even a small tank that lies towards the south of the temple. There’s a lot of construction work still going on at this temple as part of making this place even more attractive. On the top of this temple there is also a mosque that bears another Shilalekh written in 1679 A.D. which conveys that it built during the regime of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Reaching this temple is easy because of the special arrangements made by the government of Bihar

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