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Jehanabad, Bihar: Jehanabad is an agricultural city and a municipality in and the headquarters of Jehanabad district existing in the Indian state of Bihar. Previously, Jehanabad was part of Gaya district. Several rivers such as Falgu, Dardha, Jamuna and Morhar flow after crossing the district's plan topography. Presently, Jehanabad is divided into two parts, one is Jehanabad and the other being Arwal.

Jehanabad had derived its name from Jahanabad, which was named after the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Jehanabad was created as a separate district with the strong desire to increase the extent of developmental activities that take place in the region. The prime areas upon which maximum concentration was held are extremism, poverty, unemployment and under development.

As far as minerals are considered, the entire region of Jehanabad has only minor ones. The sand available with the river beds in the majority parts of the year is secured and transported to various parts of the district apart from the adjoining districts and is essential for construction work.

The texture of soil in the region is alluvial and is brown grey in colour. It has got the tendency of cracking open during the dry season and gets very adhesive during the monsoons while the mud tracks become difficult to drive during that period. The fertility of soil is fairly good. The forest range of the district is restricted to 10.3 square kilometres, which is chiefly concentrated near the Barabar Hills. They represent the reserve forest area.

There are over 111,000 farmers with the inclusion of 92,138 small and marginal farmers, 178,000 agricultural laborers, 7969 skilled labors, 5075 household entrepreneurs and 95755 whose chief occupation is allied agro business. The whole population in the working age group is 358723 represented with a total of 236199 males and 122534 females.

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