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Baisi, Bihar: Baisi is an emerging city located in Purnia district of Bihar state in India. It exists at 25°52′0″N 87°45′0″E / 25.866667°N 87.75°E / 25.866667; 87.75, at an elevation of 26 m above sea level. The city is situated near the border of West Bengal and towards the east of Patna and southeast of Biratnagar.

Baisi is one of the central hubs of Purnia district. This Muslim dominated city consists of several buildings that cater to the regular needs of the locals there. Industrial firms too have started to increase in the wake of globalization. However, agriculture is still the main occupation of the people here. The people of Baisi are very friendly with tourists and are known to be hard working. Academically, the situation in the region around Baisi is very positive with almost everyone giving priority to higher studies there. Though Baisi doesn’t hold much of importance in tourism but known for being an important constituency of India. 

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Come baisi once in a life u will really enjoyed... added by   Mariner Md Faisal Alam on Apr 15 2014
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