Palaces in India

Palaces in India – Historical Places – Royal Residences–Castles

Falaknuma Palace
Chow Mahalla Palace
Mysore Palace
Pataudi Palace
Sri Kodandarama Swami Temple
Gujari Mahal
Rani Roopmati Mahal and Pavilions
Gandharva Mahal
Devgadh Baria Palace
Jaganmohan Palace
The New Palace Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Museum
Errum Manzil Palace
Shaniwar Wada
Marble Palace
Nawab Palace
Tipu Sultan Summer Palace
Rajbari Palace
Raj Mahal
Wanaparthy Palace
Hawaah Palace Padma
Dewan Devdi
Sheesh Mahal
Aina Mahal
Rani Padmini’s palace
Padmanabhapuram palace
Jaimal and Patta’s Palace
Sheesh Mahal
Maharaja Palace
City Palace
Ahmedganj Palace
Kusum Vilas Palace
Lotus Mahal
Old Palace
Nawab Palace
Fazia Bagh Palace
Prag Mahal
Jal Mahal
Jag Mandir The Lake Garden Palace
Gem Palace
Nilambag Palace
Bangalore Palace
Hira Mahal
The Royal Palace
Mubarak Mahal
Bagore Ki Haveli
Jai Vilas Palace or Raj Bari
Jawhar Palace Shirpamal
Goshamahal Baradari Palace
Mangalsinhji Mahal Palace
Moti Bagh Palace
Aga Khan Palace
Bundi Palace or Garh Palace
Town Hall
Patwon Ki Haveli
Thirumalai Nayak Palace
City Palace
Bhav Vilas Palace
Jahaz Mahal
Kanker Royal Palace
Hawa Mahal or Palace of breeze
Baz Bahadur Palace
Badal Palace or Tazia Tower
Rambagh Palace
Vijay Mandir Palace
Amar Singh palace and Amar Sagar Lake
Phool Sagar or Phool Mahal
Ragini Mahal
Theeba Palace and Museum
Jhira Bagh Palace
Seraikela Palace
Cenotaphs and Old City Palace
Khapra Zaveri Palace
Laxmi Nivas palace
Sheesh Mahal
Asharfi Mahal
Padri Ki Haveli
Mandi Palace
Prem Bhavan Palace
The City Palace
Gagan Mahal
Queen s Palace
Prithvi Vilas palace
Diwan Khana Palace
Forest Palace
Jogi Mahal
Rajabati and Ranikothi
Maharaja Ranjit Singh Palace
Kawardha Palace
Haveli Shreenath
Bhavani Villa
Angh Palace
Salam Singh Ki Haveli
Bassi Fort Palace
Sarad Bagh Palace
Rajya Angan
Kollapur Palace
Sariska Palace
Hindola Mahal

Adventure Places in india

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