Temples in Orissa

Hindu Temples of Orissa – Religious Shrines – Pilgrimage Places

Ashtasambhu temples
Panchalingeswar Temple
Lingaraja Temple
Jhadeswar Temple of Lord Shiva
Rajarani Temple
Ram Mandir Temple
Bada Jagannatha Temple
Jagannatha Temples
Ananta Vasudeva Temple
Baneswar Temple
Banthia Jagannath Temple
Kichakeswari Temple
Aisanyesvara Siva Temple
Brahma Temple Bindusagar
Rani Sati Temple
Lord Jagannatha Temple
Kedargauri Temple
Jaleswar Siva Temple Precinct
Kshira Chora Gopinath Temple
Muktesvara Temple
Bhringesvara Siva Temple
Akhadachandi temple
Kapilesvara Siva Temple
Bharathi Matha
Bhrukutesvar Siva Temple
Chakreshvari Shiva Temple
Mausi Maa Temple
Ladu Baba temple
Rameshwar Deula
Parsurameswar Temple
Gourisankara Siva Temple
Gandhi Garabadu Precinct Vishnu Temple
Kedareswar Temple
Chandrasekhara Mahadeva Temple
Mohini Temple
Bhudharchandi Temple
Chintamanisvara Siva Temple
Gangesvara Siva Temple
Byamokesvara Temple
Ambika Temple
Barkhanda temple of Gadsahi
Chitrakarini Temple
Mangala temple
Maa Ambika Temple
Purneshwar Shiva Temple
Rameswar Baba Shiva Temple
Shyamarai Temple
Bamanashala and Sri Ganesh statue
Satyasai Temple
Thakur Ankulchandra Temple
Duladevi Temple
Kutaitundi Temple
Mangalesvara Shiva Temple
Sari Deul Temple
Lakhesvara Siva Temple
Papanasini Temple
Jagannatha Temple
Labesvara Siva Temple
Purvesvara Siva Temple
Devasabha Temple
The Rasikaraya Temple
Gosagaresvara Precinct Shiva Temple
Sarvatresvara Siva Temple
Goudia Radhakrishna Temple
The Radhamohan Temple
Pabaneswara Temple
Megheswara temple
Dishisvara or Dishesvara Siva Temple
The Jagannatha Temple
Madneswar Siva Temple
Gokarnesvara Siva Temple
Parvati Temple
Nagesvara Temple
Makareshwara Temple
Markandeswara Temple
Kotithirtesvara Temple

Adventure Places in Orissa

Angling   |   Boat Rides   |   Cave Walking   |   Cycling   |   Fishing   |   Golf   |   Hangliding   |   Kayaking   |   Motor biking   |   Mountaineering   |   Paragliding   |   Rappelling   |   River Rafting   |   Rock Climbing   |   Scuba diving   |   Skiing   |   Trekking   |   Winter Sports   |  

Heritage places in Orissa

Buildings   |   Court   |   Gallery   |   Hospitals   |   Institution   |   Museums   |   Schools   |   Universities   |  

Hill stations in Orissa

Panoramic View Points   |   Plantation   |   Scenic   |   Snowfall   |  

Historical Places in Orissa

Caves   |   Cemetery   |   Forts   |   Inscriptions   |   Monuments   |   Palaces   |   Smaraks   |   Tombs   |  

Medical in Orissa

Ayurveda   |   Herbal   |   Homeopathy   |   Naturopathy   |   Spas   |  

Miscelleneous in Orissa


Picnic in Orissa

Amusement Parks   |   Aquariums   |   Entertainment   |   Gardens   |   Parks   |   Resorts   |   Zoos   |  

Religious places in Orissa

Ashrams or Mutts   |   Churches   |   Dargah   |   Ghats   |   Gurudwaras   |   Kunds   |   Monasteries   |   Mosques   |   Samadhis   |   Shrine   |   Sthupa   |   Temples   |  

Water Gateways in Orissa

Backwaters   |   Beaches   |   Bridge   |   Dams   |   Hot Springs   |   Lakes   |   Ponds   |   Reservoirs   |   Rivers   |   Tank   |   Waterfalls   |   well   |  

Wild Life in Orissa

Forests   |   National Parks   |   Sanctuaries   |   Tiger Reserves   |  

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