Gardens in India

List of Famous Gardens in India – Best Greenery Places India

Jaldhara Garden
Calcutta Botanical Gardens
Brindavan Gardens
Rock Garden
Empress Garden
Botanical Gardens
Rock Garden
Phoolon Ki Ghati or Valley of Flowers
Lal Bagh Garden
Darjeeling Lloyds Botanical Garden
Bilasipara Florican Garden
Saheliyon Ki Bari
Kumbhakarna Gardens
Alcot Gardens
Nehru Rose Garden
Gulab Bagh
Musical Gardens
Kanak Vrindavan
Light House Hill Garden
Mangalya Van
Public Gardens
Peacock Garden
Rungta Garden
Sisodia Rani Garden and Palace
Botanical Garden of PAU
Tinsukia Orange Orchards
Sukhadia Circle
Dynaneshwar Udyan
Gardens of Bhangarh
Valley of Flowers
Ram Niwas Bagh
Baradari Gardens
Apple Orchards
Moti Bagh and Talab
Venu Vana
Kot Bagh Nizam
Fruit Orchards
Kaveri Vana
Nehru Van Udyan
Puran Vihar or Company Garden
Orange Orchards
Nehru Smriti Udayan
Tezu Botanical Garden
Kalpataru Botanical Gardens
Vidyadhar Garden
Amboli Gardens
Lendi Baug
Ram Bagh
Tipi Orchid Sanctuary
Kagdi Pick up Weir
Pushpanjali gardens
Stokes Farm
Boys Town
Tilak Gardens
Myraid varities of fruits and flowers
Pill Garden
Kesar Bagh
Orange Orchards
Duddhtalaii Musical Garden
Jivakameavan Gardens
Nehru Garden
Fatehgarh Churian Bagh
Mahatma Gandhi Garden
Nanakoo Orchid Farm
Pampoli Horticulture Garden
Botanical Gardens
Rock Garden
The State Botanical Garden
Government Garden
Botanical garden Yupia
Mataji Ki Bagiya
Rock Garden
Shopat Rai Pediwal garden
Sarvamangala Garden
Botanical Gardens of Karua
Airport Garden
Rani Sati Garden
Jiribam Horticulture Farm
Lalganj Brindavan
Botanical Garden
Terraced Garden

Adventure Places in India

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Heritage places in India

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Hill stations in India

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Historical Places in India

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Medical in India

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Miscelleneous in India


Picnic in India

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Religious places in India

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Wild Life in India

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Gardens in India

Gardens in Andhra Pradesh

Gardens in Arunachal Pradesh

Gardens in Assam

Gardens in Bihar

Gardens in Chhattisgarh

Gardens in Goa

Gardens in Gujarat

Gardens in Haryana

Gardens in Himachal Pradesh

Gardens in Jammu & Kashmir

Gardens in Jharkhand

Gardens in Karnataka

Gardens in Kerala

Gardens in Madhya Pradesh

Gardens in Maharashtra

Gardens in Manipur

Gardens in Meghalaya

Gardens in Mizoram

Gardens in Nagaland

Gardens in Orissa

Gardens in Punjab

Gardens in Rajasthan

Gardens in Sikkim

Gardens in Tamilnadu

Gardens in Tripura

Gardens in Uttar Pradesh

Gardens in Uttarakhand

Gardens in West Bengal


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